What are HubSpot Presets and how do you create them?

HubSpot has introduced Presets which are available on any Hub.

What are presets?

Presets offers a function which allows you to set up default preferences in your HubSpot account so that users don't have to set them up individually. In the past, users have found the setup of notifications challenging and this feature now allows account super admins to easily change notifications for users and teams, it also allows you to create signatures and set general defaults for users or teams. 

How to setup presets

What is often misunderstood when setting up presets is that you need to build your Notification Preferences before building your presets or you won't be able to add this. Here's how you can build Notification Preferences.


Once this is complete, you can build your Presets. Below is a guide on how to do this:

NOTE: If a user updates any of the above elements on their side in the portal this will take preference and override the presets.