How do I create revenue goals in HubSpot?

Adding your Revenue Goals to your HubSpot portal ensures you're able to accurately report on both overall and individual sales team's goals.

HubSpot allows you to add several key goals to optimise your sales reporting, however, only 'Revenue Goals' can be set for Sales Professional portals

What can you do with revenue goals

How to set Revenue goals

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Tracking & Analytics in the left menu
  3. Then select 'Revenue goals'

From here, you can both view your created goals, and set new ones. You can click on 'Create goal' to set your goals.

create revenue goals-1

When setting up goals, you have a number of options:

  1. Set goals by individual
  2. Set goals by team
  3. Set multiple pipelines for a single goal
  4. Set goals per month, quarter, or year

When you click on the 'Create goal' button, you will be prompted to choose a Goal Category and a Goal Type. These are standard and only one option can be set. 

Then you'll be asked if you want to set up your goals for forecasting.

Revenue goals setup individual

If you choose yes:

  • Can create forecasts with goals
  • Can see reports with goals/forecast data

Revenue goals setup time

If you choose no:

  • Can not do any of the above
  • Can set a team goal
  • Can set a yearly milestone goal
  • Can use multiple pipelines for a goal

How do I set the amount for my goals?

The next option you will be given will be to set a value for your goals. You'll be shown a set of boxes - split based on the date range you chose to add goals. 

Note: if you choose 'Yes' from the above setup, the date range will default to your pipeline settings. 

From here, you can choose to add a unique number to each option (month, quarter, year) or you can set a single target goal to set the same amount for each date. 

Set goals for entire year

You can also select which pipeline the goals apply to. If you choose 'No' you can also set the goals across multiple pipelines.

Set goals for team

Then the final step is to set the notifications you want to receive. 

Set goals for notifications

What happens once goals are set?

Once your goals are set, you will then be able to view the metrics related to the goal and toggle between 'User' and 'Team' to view the different goals.

Create revenue goals hubspot

Then you'll be able to see the Milestone for the specific goal as well as the Status. 

Revenue goals status

In the above view, the Progress metric updates can take up to 24 hours to show. However, you would likely view this data in your reporting tool. 

Can goals be updated?

Once goals are created, they can be updated. You simple scroll over the goal and select 'Edit goal'

Revenue goals setup update