How do I create or edit a One on One scheduling page on HubSpot

Setting up the meeting link feature in HubSpot is easy. Here's a quick rundown.

The HubSpot Meetings tool allows you to easily schedule your appointments and ensure you don’t have to worry about back-and-forth emails to get a meeting booked.

In order to use the Meetings tool in HubSpot you have to connect your calendar to the system first. 

How many meeting links can I create?

In HubSpot, every user gets one meeting link which can be customised based on your specific needs.

If you have paid seat in HubSpot, you can create multiple one on one links. You can also add custom questions to the form people submit when booking the meeting.

How do I create or edit my meeting scheduling page?

Users with Paid Seats can also create Round Robin or Group links, you can read more on how to do this here. Please note, that only users with a paid seat can be added to a Round Robin or Group link.