How to add data privacy disclaimers to HubSpot forms

Here's how you can ensure that your HubSpot forms are POPI compliant.

The POPI Act came into effect in July 2020 and anyone using HubSpot can become compliant by simply adding disclaimers to their forms.

Watch this video for step by step instructions:


You can also take a look at this article from HubSpot for more insights into these and other compliance settings, which explains the default settings and language that is used on the HubSpot portal, including: 

  • Legitimate interest: let your visitors know that they are opting in to communications and that they can unsubscribe at any time. As mentioned in the video, this statement can be edited by: clicking Edit to the right of the Legitimate interest section and editing the text that appears in the text box.
  • Consent to communicate: This lets you give your visitors information about how and why you'd like to contact them, and lets them know that you're offering them the option to consent to that communication. 
  • Subscription type: You should create a subscription type for each type of communication you would like to have with your visitors, for example, blog subscription and marketing communication subscription.