How do I create and manage Leads in HubSpot

HubSpot has a lead management object which you can use to easily manage your leads.

The HubSpot Leads Object is a great way to ensure that your leads are being easily managed and that your sales team are following your lead process.

How to setup the Lead Object

  • Navigate to Settings > Objects
  • Click on the Leads tab and Click on "Start using leads"
    Hubspot leads object
  • Once this is activated, you will be able to set the lifecycle stage actions for the leads
    HubSpot leads update lifecycle stage
  • You can then review the Lead Stages, these will represent which 'stage' the lead is in in respect to your sales team's engagement with the contact. These can be customised based on your process.
    HubSpot leads update lead status
  • These stages fall into four categories:
    These categories align with how you view the Lead on the contact record, they also facilitate key reporting metrics.
    • Not started
    • In Progress
    • Qualified
    • Disqualified
  • With the 'Qualification' stage, you can require the user to create a Deal automatically
    HubSpot leads make deal required
  • With the 'Disqualification' stage, you can require the user to add a reason, you can also customise these reasons.
    HubSpot leads make disqualified reason required
    HubSpot leads update disqualified reason

How to use the Lead Object in HubSpot